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Pay Per Click

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a form of internet advertising strategy used to drive traffic to websites
in which one has to pay the publisher (typically a search engine or, website) when the link is
clicked. Pay-per-click advertising is generally used in search engines such as Google Ads
and Amazon Advertising.  Advertisers usually agree on relevant keywords specific to their
target audience and pay when advertisements are clicked.
The price advertisers pay is determined by the publisher and is typically influenced by main
factors: the ad's content and the highest bid the advertiser is prepared to pay per click.  When
a keyword search matches an advertiser's relevant keywords that have been added in various
ad categories, or when a content platform shows related content, platforms that use PPC ads
will feature an advertisement.
We are one of the top PPC management companies in Kanpur and Delhi. We help our clients
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Understanding Our Top PPC Services

In order to deliver results, it is essential one must analyse the recent market trends and design
a plan that will make the PPC advertising work properly. We at Webixy have PPC specialists
who make sure the same.
With the proper target audience, a business can thrive. We determine the right target audience
for your company. This helps in making the process of the PPC campaign better.
Finding the right keywords and using them correctly is the key in PPC advertising. We have a
team of SEO experts who work closely with the PPC specialists at Webixy.
Content is what attracts people. We deliver content that is developed to attract, connect and
convert. We at Webixy have a dedicated team of content experts.

Reasons to Choose Our PPC Services

We deliver what we promise. With the help of the top PPC experts, we make sure our clients
receive the best possible services at a reasonable range.
We provide excellent digital solutions including website development, SEO services, content
marketing and social media marketing. All these combined with PPC advertising will provide
you with desired results.
We have a separate team for customer care support and maintenance services. Our team is
always available and ready to help.

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