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Our team consists of experienced professionals from various disciplines.
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Kind and honest, Hiba’s personality makes her perfect for the role. She is a strong supporter of work ethics and integrity. She puts her heart and soul into the work and encourages the same. She believes that the growth of the company lies in the growth and development of its employees.

Heeba Kausar

HR Manager
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“Words carry power, no other weapon can,” Tiwari lives by this belief. She writes with the motive of helping people and equipping them with knowledge and facts. Her day starts with writing and end with the same, in between that one might find her listening to music, reading, or admiring God’s creations.

Gauravi Tiwari

Content Writer
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Expert in her field, Aarju is a highly qualified and skilled developer. She is an ambivert and avid reader. She has in-depth knowledge and years of technical expertise in her subject. Determined to her work, Aarju believes in giving 100 per cent to each and every project.


Full Stack Developer
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Enthusiastic and Experienced, Saraf is an excellent multi-tasker. His dedication towards his work and team makes him a brilliant leader. He has handled numerous projects and delivered successful results. He knows everything and anything there’s to know about Social Media and Digital Marketing.


Swastik Saraf

Head- Digital Marketing
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Dedicated and vigilant, Singh is a brilliant web designer and developer. He has detailed knowledge and understanding of the subject. He believes in the magic of hard work and commitment. Music is his getaway route.

Pranesh Kumar Singh

Web Designer & Developer
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With a plethora of information and in-depth understanding of his field, Haris is a seasoned SEO executive. He provides outstanding results and solutions to our clients. He is focused and determined and loves listening to music.

Mohd Haris Saleem

SEO Executive